WildSafeBC encourages everyone to enjoy a Wild Weekend September 17th and 18th

Please help us promote our vision of "keeping wildlife wild and communities safe" by participating in one of the many events happening around the province (see full list here) or by taking part in a fun photography competition, a Wildlife Counts Activity, or indulge in a Colouring Contest designed for adults - but open to people of all ages. The prizes are great - binoculars, a spotting scope, and a sweet little camera with an ultra long zoom.Please note: all entries must be received before September 30th, 2016

This third week of September is when the number of bear calls to the Conservation Officer Service reporting line usually peaks. Bears are actively trying to bulk up for the winter denning period and we are still, unfortunately, providing them with easy access to things like garbage, fruit trees, bird feeders, compost, pet food, and a host of other attractants around our homes. If we manage these attractants better we can keep bears and other wildlife from coming into urban areas and into conflict.

We thought if we focused on the joy of safely seeing wildlife out in the wilds we could impress upon the public the need for everyone to better manage their attractants.

Please share your experiences from the weekend on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #bcgoeswildweekend.

Have fun, be safe, and help keep wildlife wild, and our communities safe.

WildSafeBC is a program designed to reduce human-wildlife conflict through education, innovation and cooperation.

Our motto of keeping wildlife wild and communities safe underscores our belief that if we can keep wildlife from becoming habituated we can, in turn, make our communities safer for us and at the same time keep wildlife from coming to harm.

WildSafeBC is a program designed, owned and delivered by the BC Conservation Foundation. It is delivered throughout the province and exists in communities where we have established partnerships between local funding bodies (such as municipalities and regional districts) and with our primary funder: the provincial government.

If your community does not have a WildSafeBC Community Coordinator and you think your area would benefit from such a program you can contact us directly by email (bc@wildsafebc.com). We’ll help you understand the steps and funding processes and hopefully be able to help you help your community.

Please take the time to check out the various aspects of our website and if there is something missing or if you still have questions regarding reducing human-wildlife conflicts please contact us with your questions.

Yearend reports

Coordinators in many of our communities who were finishing up their programs in 2015 have helped prepare a yearend report that summarizes their activity over the season. These reports can be viewed by going to:

Wildlife Alert Reporting Program

Clicking on the above image will take you to our Wildlife Alert Reporting Program (WARP). This program will let you know what wildlife has been seen in your neighbourhood plus a whole lot more. https://wildsafebc.com/warp/