BC Goes Wild

The third weekend of September is when we encourage the residents of BC to enjoy a BC Goes Wild Weekend!
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Wildlife Reporting

Up-to-date wildlife encounter data as entered by the BC Conservation Officer Service and the general public.
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Bin Testing

WildSafeBC, in partnership with the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops, tests product for bear-resistant certification.
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Bear Smart

This program is based on a series of criteria that communities must achieve in order to be recognized as being "Bear Smart".
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A WildSafe Yard

Does your yard have wildlife attractants in it?
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Bare Camping

Camping in BC? You're in Bear Country!
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Junior Rangers

Introducing students to the concept of human-wildlife conflict and the roles we all play in it.
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Electric Fencing

Livestock, urban chickens, and fruit trees are all great reasons to install an electric fence.
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Wild Wednesday

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What is WildSafeBC?

WildSafeBC is a program designed to reduce human-wildlife conflict through education, innovation and cooperation. Our motto of "keeping wildlife wild and communities safe" underscores our belief that if we can keep wildlife from becoming habituated we can, in turn, make our communities safer for us and at the same time keep wildlife from coming to harm. WildSafeBC is designed, owned and delivered by the BC Conservation Foundation. It is delivered throughout the province and exists in communities where we have established partnerships between local funding bodies (such as municipalities and regional districts) and with our primary funder: the provincial government. If your community does not have a WildSafeBC Community Coordinator and you think your area would benefit from such a program you can contact us directly by email (bc@wildsafebc.com). We’ll help you understand the steps and funding processes and hopefully be able to help you help your community.

BC Goes Wild Photo Contest Winners