Bear-Resistant Product Testing

Having certified bear-resistant containers is one way to reduce access by bears to garbage and food waste. It is also a viable option for communities seeking to become Bear Smart. From 2013 to 2021, testing of products in British Columbia was done in a partnership between WildSafeBC and the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops. Products were tested at the BC Wildlife Park to determine their resistance to the forces from either black bears or grizzly bears. The testing followed protocols similar to those established by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. After much consideration, it was decided to decommission this program in 2022 in order to focus on education and increased awareness. 

WildSafeBC continues to support the use of certified bear-resistant bins and encourages all manufacturers interested in providing these products to pursue testing with the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). Information on their testing program can be found at:

A complete list of IGBC certified products can be found here: IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant Products List

Bins tested in BC are listed below by date: 

Date Tested Manufacturer Model Bear
23-Jul-2013 TyeDee Bin Sales and Distribution TyeDee Bin Original Black
26-Sep-2013 Wasteline Containers Ltd. Bag Away Black
29-May-2014 City of Port Coquitlam Gordilocks IPL - 240L Black
3-Jul-2014 Wasteline Containers Ltd. FFF-6yd Black
31-Jul-2014 Wasteline Containers Ltd. FFF-4S Black
27-Aug-2014 Wasteline Containers Ltd. FFF-3yd Black
27-Aug-2014 City of Port Coquitlam Gordilocks IPL - 360L with 2 straps and modified cart handles Black
4-Jun-2015 Jora Canada West NE 401 Composter Black
18-Jun-2015 Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. Millenium 4000 Black
26-Aug-2015 Wasteline Containers Ltd. High Boy Black
15-Jun-16 Wasteline Containers Ltd. 6S-WC Grizzly
29-Jun-2016 TuffBoxx Inc. Grizzly with Bear Guard Brackets Grizzly
06-Jul-2016 Wasteline Containers Ltd. Hac-32S Grizzly
03-Aug-2016 Carney's Waste Systems CWS 35 SH (140L) Black
17-Aug-2016 Carney's Waste Systems CWS 65 SH (260L) Black
15-Jun-2017 Binpak Compactors 6 yard self-contained compactor Grizzly
13-Jul-2017 Binpak Compactors 6 yard self-contained compactor Black
24-Aug-2017 City of Coquitlam Schaefer GMT 240 with carabiner clips and gravity lock Black
21-Sep-2017 Rehrig Pacific Co. 95 gallon EG Black
7-Jun-2018 Transform Compost Systems Food Waste Composter 1810 Black
20-Jun-2018 Rollins Machinery Limited Schaefer USD65 Black
6-June-2019 Schaefer Systems Int. Ltd. GMT120 bear cart with bear kit Black
1-Aug-2019 Molok North America M5000-3 with bear lid Black
15-Aug-2019 Molok North America MFish Black