9th Annual BC Goes Wild - September 2024

BC Goes Wild is a celebration of British Columbia’s great diversity of wildlife. September is historically a month where human-bear conflicts are at their highest. BC Goes Wild coincides with this month to bring awareness to these issues while also promoting ways we can live, work, play and grow in wildlife country. Local WildSafeBC Community Coordinators hosted events in their communities including activities such as nature walks, fruit presses, bear spray demonstrations, and more.

Tag us through Instagram and Facebook and share with us how you live, work, play and grow in BC in manner that reduces conflict with wildlife and helps keep wildlife wild and your community safe.

The BC Goes Wild Photo Contest returns this year with two categories: BC Wildlife and Wildlife Stewardship. The BC Wildlife category is for your favourite photos of BC wildlife in their habitat. WildSafeBC recognizes that taking photos of wildlife can sometimes put people and wildlife at risk. As such, WildSafeBC has developed Photography Ethics that should be followed to prevent negative impacts on wildlife or put people at risk. The next category, Wildlife Stewardship, encourages you to submit pictures that illustrate ways of preventing negative interactions with wildlife. This can include: hiking with your pet on leash, keeping your garbage indoors and attractants secure, keeping a “bare” campsite, packing out garbage from a favourite camping spot etc.  Please share your story behind the photo when you make your submission.

The Contest will be running September 1 to September 30 and there is no limit on the number of entries you can submit. The form will be available on September 1, 2023. Contest rules are available here.

Prizes will consist of $100 for the winning entry in each category as well as a WildSafeBC ball cap. Winners will be announced in October.

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