Our Mission

WildSafeBC is the provincial leader in preventing conflict with wildlife through collaboration, education and community solutions. It has evolved out of the highly successful Bear Aware program and is owned and delivered by the British Columbia Conservation Foundation. WildSafeBC provides information on how we can reduce human-wildlife conflicts in all aspects of our lives, including how we live, work, play and grow.

Our Values

Passion & Change | Safety & Respect | Credibility & Non-Partisanship | Sustainability & Consistency | Cooperation & Solutions


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Our History

Founded in 1969 by the B.C. Wildlife Federation, the British Columbia Conservation Foundation (BCCF) is a registered society and charity. Their mission is "to promote and assist in the conservation of the fish and wildlife resources of the Province of British Columbia through the protection, acquisition or enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat."

Established to achieve ‘on-the-ground’ conservation success, BCCF has been involved in thousands of research, restoration, mapping and education projects since 1986. In 1998, BCCF was approached by members of the Revelstoke Bear Committee and the Provincial Wildlife Conflict Committee to adopt a leadership role in expanding the Bear Aware program to other regions of the province. Since that time, BCCF has helped to deliver the Bear Aware (now WildSafeBC) Community Programs to residents in hundreds of communities across British Columbia.

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Supporting Communities to Become "Bear Smart"

In 2002, the Ministry of Environment began the Bear Smart Community Program, which helps detail the steps and procedures by which communities can reduce the frequency and intensity of human-bear conflicts. The process involves a shift from the reactive management of “problem” bears to the proactive management of the attractants that draw bears into the communities. This management plan includes components on monitoring human-bear conflicts, education, managing waste, implementing and enforcing bylaws, managing green space, and community planning.

WildSafeBC is the approved educational component of Bear Smart Community Program and supports communities on their path to becoming Bear Smart. There are currently 10 communities in BC that have achieved Bear Smart status with over 20 communities on the path to becoming Bear Smart.

More than Bears

While the Bear Aware program dealt with the immediate concerns communities and the province had with bears, BCCF realized early on that conflicts with other wildlife were also increasing. As an answer to these other concerns, the WildSafeBC program was developed in 2013. While we still provide the information necessary to reduce human-bear conflicts, we also provide information on dealing with a wide variety of other species that we come into conflict with such as deer, cougars, coyotes and even rattlesnakes. Explore our species pages to learn more.