BC Goes Wild

Join us this September for the 4th annual BC Goes Wild, an event that celebrates British Columbia’s great diversity of wildlife. September is historically a month where human-bear conflicts are at their highest. BC Goes Wild coincides with this month to bring awareness to these issues while also promoting ways we can live, work, play and grow in wildlife country. Local WildSafeBC Community Coordinators will be hosting events in their communities which will include activities such as nature walks, fruit presses, bear spray demonstrations, wildlife art and more (see list of events below). No matter where you live in BC, you can participate by entering our BC Goes Wild photo contest or by sharing your WildSafe activities by tagging us online @wildsafebc (details below).

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Join Us On Social Media

Tag us through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @wildsafebc and share with us how you live, work, play and grow in BC in a manner that reduces conflict with wildlife and helps keep wildlife wild and your community safe. You may be featured in our #SaturdaySpotlight posts where we highlight some of the innovative and practical ways people are being #WildSafe. These activities can include:

  • securing garbage and compost indoors until the morning of collection
  • picking fruit prior to it being fully ripe and letting it ripen in a secure location
  • using a properly installed electric fence to deter wildlife from accessing attractants
  • keeping your pet on a leash
  • carrying bear spray while running, hiking and biking in wildlife country
  • freezing smelly items until the day of collection
  • taking down bird feeders while bears and rodents are most active
  • packing out attractants from parks and other wild places
  • and many more…

Local WildSafeBC Community Events

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Photo Contest