Bear-Resistant Products

Tested at the BC Wildlife Park, Kamloops, BC


When you are considering purchasing a bear resistant bin it is sometimes hard to figure out which bin is actually going to do the job.

WildSafeBC, in association with the North American Testing of Bear Resistant Products group (NATOBRP), tests products at the BC Wildlife Park in Kamloops, B.C. If a container can withstand an hour of contact time with the bears without presenting a food reward, the product is deemed to have passed. We follow the same protocols established for the testing in the US by the Living with Wildlife Foundation based out of Montana.

Bins tested and approved in BC are listed below.




23-Jul-2013 TyeDee Bin Sales and Distribution TyeDee Bin Original
26-Sep-2013 Wasteline Containers Ltd. Bag Away
12-Jun-2014 Wasteline Containers Ltd. FFF-6yd
31-Jul-2014 Wasteline Containers Ltd. FFF-4S
27-Aug-2014 Wasteline Containers Ltd. FFF-3yd
4-Jun-2015 Jora Canada West NE 401
18-Jun-2015 Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. Millenium 4000
27-Aug-2015 Wasteline Containers Ltd. High Boy
15-Jun-16 Wasteline Containers Ltd. 6S-WC
29-Jun-2016 TuffBoxx Inc. Grizzly with Bear Guard Brackets
06-Jul-2016 Wasteline Containers Ltd. Hac-32S
03-Aug-2016 Carney's Waste Systems 140L
17-Aug-2016 Carney's Waste Systems 260L
15-Jun-2017 Binpak Compactors 6 yard self-contained compactor (Grizzly)
13-Jul-2017 Binpak Compactors 6 yard self-contained compactor (Black)
24-Aug-2017 City of Coquitlam GMT 240 with carabiner clips and gravity lock (Black)
21-Sep-2017 Rehrig Pacific Co. 95 gallon EG (Black)

Bear-Resistant Products Tested in the United States

The following link is to the most updated list of products tested and recognized by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. WildSafeBC recognizes this testing as proof of a unit being bear-resistant.


IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant Products List